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How to find best tools to track SEO keyword rankings?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, the ranking of the keywords holds all the keys for the success of the SEO campaigns. Hence, in today’s time, you will find digital marketers using lots of tools and applications for tracking the SE ranking. There is no dearth in the count of these applications, however, not all the applications are not equally reliable and high-performing. Hence, you need to select the one for you with lots of care and considerations. Here comes your guide in that regard.

Web based, desktop applications or SaaS Applications?

When you look for the tools to track the rankings of the SE keywords, you will either find the web based extensions, or the desktop programs, or the SaaS applications. Now, all these applications come with their respective pros and cons. For example, the Desktop applications can escape the chances of block by Google, and can be used for analyzing backlinks and keyword research. However, you will need to handle multiple IPs at a go. The SaaS applications don’t need you to handle such extensive number of IPs, but, comes at very high cost. So, before you make the final selection, give ample of time to consider all the merits and demerits, before you take the final call.

Does the tool comply with the guideline from Google?

Another major area of consideration is that, if the application complies with the guidelines and directives of Google. In general, Google does not encourage the use of such applications. However, there are certain tools that provide human interface by leaving time and space between the consecutive queries. This gives an impression that the queries are coming from different IPs. The result is that Google will never ever block such applications for tracking the SE keyword ranking.

Is the keyword ranking tracker application user-friendly?

Before you opt for the tool, you need to check, if the application is user-friendly. So matter what great features it comes with, it hardly makes any sense, if the application is not user-friendly. It is for the reason that the critical and complex interface of the application can make it very difficult for you to use the application to its full potential. Hence, you need to opt for an application that is high-performing as well as highly user friendly. The ideal application should be easy to install and simple to use and manage by the users.

Last but not the least, you need to consider its cost. The cost of the application should be within your spending plans, without compromising on the key features. Before you pick an application, you should check the reviews about it, and opt for the ones that feature positive reviews and high rankings. This will make it easier to pick the one that puts the best performance, is user-friendly, as well as comes within affordable rates.

Any good all-in-one SEO tool with rank tracking feature?

As a matter of tips, SE Ranking, RankActive and AccuRanker are some of the applications that are the most sought-after in this category. I use every single one of them. If I was to choose only one I’d go for SE Ranking, but as I don’t have to choose I’m pretty happy with all 3 tools.

It’s worth mentioning that SE Ranking is much more than a great SEO keyword tracking tool. Give it a try and you won’t look back.

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