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How link shortening tool can measure your marketing efforts?

The evolution of the tools to shorten the URLs have changed and approach and orientations of the digital marketers. These days, people are comfortable with shorter URLs, and hence, you should always try to keep the links as short as possible. Short URLs not only get more clicks on it, but, such links can enable you to evaluate its performance as well. It is for this reason that tools like JOT URLS are gaining more and more popularity with the passage of time. Let’s explore, some of the common issues that you can overcome with the use of these tools.

How to utilize CTAs for marketing purposes?

Assume an instance that a local magazine have published something about your business activities, and you wish to share it with your followers in the social media sites. With these tools, you can easily share such posts on social media sites, as well as attract call-to-action tab so that viewers can subscribe to your Chatbot services as well as for the receipt of newsletters. This way, you can boost more engagement with the existing and prospective customers, and earn more loyalty from the customers.

More leads and faster conversion to actual sales

As you can add call-to-action tabs, it becomes easier for you to drive the users to react to your post, in the manner you want. This way, you can generate more leads within the minimum time, and likewise, you can expect for better and faster conversion of the leads to actual sales, consolidating your revenues and business bottom line.

You can enhance the extent of sharing for your post

You post on social media sites, with the expectations that users would click on your posts, read the content and share the content as much as they can. So, first of all, you need to ensure that you get the maximum clicks on your URLs. The best way to do that is to shorten the links, as people are more habituated with such short links, and hence, it is likely that such short links will get more clicks on it. This way, you can drive more and more users to read your post, and subsequently, the awareness about your brand goes on rising.

Branded links generate more trust

Secondly, when the links are short, it becomes easier for the social media users to share such posts. Remember, a single sharing will distribute the information before thousands of people within the list of the person, sharing the post, and eventually, it will go on sharing, in a seamless wave from one user to another. This way, you can expect your posts to reach to millions of users worldwide, within the minimum time. Such outcomes are never expected, when your links involve too many characters.

Higher CTR, higher trust and brand awareness

Therefore, investing in the tools to shorten the URLs surely make a sense, as shorter URLs will boost the engagement with the audience, consolidating your brand awareness and position.

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