How does Airbnb rental platform work? Where to get coupon code from?

An online marketplace, Airbnb helps visitors to a destination find a property / accommodation to rent. It offers hosts the chance to list own property on its official website and make an income from the unused space of their apartment or home by renting it to guests. The arrangement is similar to that of a hotel; the difference only being that visitors stay in an individual home and not have to pay the high charges that they are expected to pay for hotel rooms. Find out how the process works for guests and hosts.

How Airbnb can be used by hosts?

If you are a host, you can actually make earnings from the property that you are an owner of.

List your property on Airbnb website

Lots of hosts list their own homes on the rental platform website, advertising the fact that the extra space is to be used by random strangers. For instance, you might have 1 – 2 additional room in your own home and would probably like to make some extra bucks from the same. You can try putting it up for rent locally or make of Airbnb or a similar service to have your unused space utilized through rent.

Or it could be that you tend to travel much and stay away from your home for several months at a stretch. Rather than leaving behind your house unused and empty, you can make some money from it by giving it on rent to guests from across the globe that could drop in with the help of Airbnb. In every case, you may make some extra income with the property that you own.

To start listing, first open up an account on the Airbnb website and get approved. Submit information about the property that you want to rent. The process is quite easy. Give a detailed description that mentions all possible information about your accommodation, such as the number of toilets available, whether the rooms are AC / Non AC, the places of interests located nearby etc. Be descriptive and include all the positive details about your accommodation.

Post only high quality photos

Once you have listed your property on the website, you must publish high quality photos of the same alongside. The images will be shown alongside the description that you have put in for your property. Put in photos that show the usable space of your real estate from various angles and perspectives. Keep in mind that are guests are going to avoid hosts who do not post great photos of properties, as that is a sure sign of lack of confidence.

Wait for messages

When you have finished listing your property, it is time to sit back and keep waiting for the personal messages and reservation requests to come through. You can check out various guest profiles, similar to how your personal profile can be viewed by guests.

How Airbnb can be used by guests?

Guests are supposed to browse through the property listings in the specific city they want to rent an accommodation in.

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Check out the photos

Airbnb lets you choose from all types of rooms. You may find:
• Entire homes
• Single rooms
• Apartments
• Villa
• Mansion
• Single bedroom
• Boats, such as yachts

While filtering search results, you can check out photos of the accommodations listed on the website.

Know about the Airbnb host

You can also go through the profile of the host to get an idea about what type of a person he is. In some accommodations, you are supposed to live with the host while at other times the host will not even be there and you can get the whole accommodation to enjoy. Irrespective of what the case is, you would like to know who will be the host of the accommodation that you rent.

You can get information of the host as you go through the accommodation description. You would also like to send a message to the individual in case you find the information to be unclear or too short. You may message him / her through Airbnb and enquire about his apartment or about anything that you wish to know about. This is a very essential step, as it can help you to find out how your host is like. Guests often complain that their hosts are not up to the mark.

Filter the search results

You may filter the results by various things, such as:
• Location
• Price
• Type of accommodation
• Proximity of accommodation to local interests

If you find a property that you like, you can send messages to the host and start with a few general questions. You would like to ensure that the property is available when you wish to rent it. Read more about the procedure here.

Make a booking

If you really want to book a certain property, you can submit a reservation with details about your payment. Once your request is accepted by the host, your payment will be collected by Airbnb. However, if he rejects your request, the site will not collect any payment.

When a hosts chooses to accept your payment, the website will “hold” your money until a day after you actually check into the property you have rented. The rental platform has such a policy to make sure that both guests and hosts are satisfied with the transaction. A 24-hour period is of course sufficient time to take a decision. The site releases the funds and gives them to the host, without any fees.

Look for Airbnb coupon code

With the Airbnb concept taking the travel industry by storm, you can find promo coupons or Airbnb coupon codes being offered to help guests save more on their travel bucks and get cheaper accommodation than hotels. The longer you book a rental accommodation for, the higher the discount that you can hope to get. Long term rental discounts can be very profitable when you wish to book an accommodation for a month or for a longer duration.

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