Guide for hosts and guests of Airbnb

It is needless to state that the services of Airbnb have brought a revolution to the hospitality services,and has benefited the hosts and guests alike. Here come some simple and effective tips for the hosts and guests that will enable them to use this service in a more profitable manner.

Tricks and tips for Airbnb hosts

• Remember, it is a 3rd party service and hence, you should be ready to share a part of the revenue with the provider for the support you get. So, it will be wise to quote a bit higher fees for bookings, coming through this platform. In addition, it will allow you some margin to negotiate with the prospective guests so that you can rent out your property at a profitable rate.
• Ensure that you are regularly updating the booking calendar, so that you don’t accept multiple bookings for the same date and time. If you continue to do so, continuously for a few times, it is likely that it will negative affect your reviews from the guests, and subsequently, guests may not be willing to book your services.
• Be flexible enough to negotiate with the prospective guests, and remember, they have other alternatives for the hosts from the same region. So, you should not be very rigid in this regard, and approach things in a sensible and wise manner, so that you don’t lose a business opportunity.
• Ensure that your guests enjoy the stay at your premises. Provide them the facilities and services that you have mentioned at the time of booking.

Guide for Airbnb guests

• On the same platform, you will find number of hosts from the same location, and hence, don’t book the services, before you negotiate for some special offers with a number of such providers. It will be wise to avail the pre-approved booking, rather than booking the facilities up front.
• Try to collate complete information about the facilities and services that the host offers. Likewise, collect information like the distance of the place from the nearest airport, railway station or the bus depot, the weather condition, the availability of the key amenities and facilities, in and around the property, and similar other facts and figures.
• You should book well in advance. In the majority instances, booking at the last hours, you require paying more fees than usual.
• The Hosts keep on offering special deals on daily, weekly or monthly basis. So, look for such offers, matching with your schedule, before you make the booking. Usually, concessions are available for group bookings or bookings at a stretch for a few days or months.
• Sometimes, booking for more nights can bring down your expenses. So, you can book for a few additional night, even if you don’t need the services for those days.
Depending on your role as a host or guest, stick to these simple yet effective tricks and tips to ensure that you make the most delightful experience with Airbnb.

It’s a good practice to contact an Airbnb host before clicking “book now”. Believe me, you may save some nerves.

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