Image optimization tools

Optimizing images with tools improving speed of a website

SEO today plays a significant role in boosting the online business effectively with a wide range of applications that help to attain top positions in search engine page results. It even aims at optimizing keywords and images in order to boost the rank of a website. The image optimization is an important one because it gives ways for increasing the speed of a website during the loading process. Furthermore, it helps to get a high reputation among the visitors.

Images allow website owners to deliver powerful messages in the markets while promoting a brand. They grab the attention of customers immediately that can help to achieve better results. It is necessary to create an image in small sizes for reaching more people in quick turnaround time. The process of optimizing images will ultimately boost the ranks of a website in search engines.

How to optimize the images with high accuracy?

Since image optimization requires great efforts, one should consider using certain types of tools for meeting essential requirements. There are a wide range of tools available in the markets that can help to create an image in the right format which gives ways for ensuring the desired outcomes. It is necessary to make a deep research on them from different sources for gaining more ideas. Below is the list of tools that one can consider for image optimization process.

I chose ShortPixel. What’s your choice?

ShortPixel is an image optimization tool that comes with a variety of features which can help to improve the performance levels of a website in search engines. It supports all types of image formats thereby showing ways for reducing the size to a greater extent. Another thing is that it makes feasible methods for compressing PDF formats with ease. Some of the notable features include:
• Less bandwidth usage
• Quick backups
• Better search engine ranks
• Powerful algorithms
• PHP client library
• Reducer API
• Command line tool
• Dashboard for knowing both settings and statistics

Knowing more about Kraken image optimization tool

Kraken is an image optimization tool that allows users to shrink the size with a variety of features. It provides both Lossy and Lossless compression options which help to gain more advantages. The tool offers free and PRO versions for image optimization purposes that pave ways for improving the loading speed of a website efficiently.

In fact, the PRO version coves more feature than free version while optimizing an image. Some of them include full API success, web interface, ZIP uploader, image resizing, optimization statistics, cloud storage, WordPress and Magneto plug-ins.

Besides that, it allows users to optimize larger images up to 32 MB thereby showing ways for meeting exact needs in the optimization process. It is a well-known fact that images can connect with the customers easily during the promotional activities. At the same time, it is a wise one to select tools that suits the developers and users. One should analyze the difference between the tools online for purchasing a plan depending on the needs.

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