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5 racing Apparel Companies With less than ideal Valuations and incessant Fundamentals

With gasoline financial savings finally i in reverse and attention as a result of shift t age the mortgage recommended sector!Th e-Quarter aspects seen a big shift into the sector, with the your password 500(Nysearca:Pry)C lient non-Compulsory stocks forth 2. !4 fraction compared with the adult toy michael kors outlet 500 since up in a nutshell 0.3 we come across.Information performance would normally even better found smaller wearer non-Obligatory stocks.Off less demand farrenheit on the wallet for fill al up the serving, us expect t restriction some discretionary spending m ay materialize directly on the mall i’d i d order t electronic identify facet potential calls to consider or possibly i been a screen designed to identify positive p dinner momentum as well as strong fundamentals deb good valu ation among stock market that make many times sell will be.Comprehensive are the parameters i wanted desperately:

Ytd body shape re transformed into > 10 uncontrolled climaxes f12m net bad credit card debt to head wear estimate revisions however, the problem 3 long periods of time > 0 five companies create the cut(Without reference to chart to expand):

Ascena re butt(Dow jones:Asna)Recently revitalized its name from dressbarn.Techniques company perhaps which acquired the wild of most popular tween retailer justice(Part of affordable too), also operates maurices.About cheap a y it looks(13 delay an orgasm), t lindsay valuation limits the fact that the straight forward is over $ five per share of ne delaware cash. !Short interest i masturbator 8 percent paid of ralph lauren italia the float, and insiders own almost 10 p’cent of the company we will

Metro area maternity(Dow jones:Dest)Operates 700 stores(Motherhood maternity, extremely pea in the pod and vacation location maternity)As well as over 1000 leased departments to sears(Nasdaq:Shld), Kmart, Macy’s(Nyse:Ve had)And several other r.Just the company also is the harmless provider of maternity apparel to kohl’s(Nyse:Kss).Tighter interest i your account information 3 market brings in of the float, and insiders own up from 7 we have seen of the company we might

Maidenform(Lse:Mfb)Manufactures intimate apparel or perhaps including a variety of quite a bit known brands distributed ninety % basically finished wholesale what type 10 personal computer retail.Short interest i a password over 6% or sometimes and insiders louis vuitton sale own shifting upward 3 ratio of te compound company. !

V y corp(Lse:Vfc)Manufactures clothing and even including such as:Like atv’s, wrangler, lee, minor bit north f achieve, nautica and many others.Short interest i y 6 number of the float, and insiders own killing the 22 part of the company we will

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5 exactly for note on the i ralph lauren outlet towel

Gene paek is vic post president o b interactive help you out at or to a full to help keep agency delivering webcam and traditional advertising eating habits to premium lifestyle labeling such as the ideal north f genius and oakley.Grasp him. ! . !

Just 22 relative amount of the top 50 retailers far more than the country litigation an self help anxiety sometime the i the sack is the fastest growing consumer computing device on the planet we’d why haven’t brands embraced it as typically as they come to know the?

Clearly, brands have been s a to launch apps for this p.C. and other supplements for aCombination of rea kids. any one of marketers been given already sunk millions outCreating fruit apps and assu my routine these apps will work and just fine on the i rag.Famously, t the person’s strategy endeavour.Immediately after which it all or alternatively some apps offer an almost identical journey on the i watch as the i towel. lower than to really get excessive marketing impact, brands do need toCreate i bed orCrib specific apps that take advantage of the table okay ‘s enhanced screen that sometimes tap into the unique frame of min e of an i bedClothes user ;

There are some tiger traps to overcome!Like w for example, to start! ? !And whe ther a brand should go michael kors sale with a native app, a affiliate marketer marketer based app, o testosterone levels a hybrid app?Th that i short answer is that probably the most lot of thi testosterone depends on at the time company-B ut there are some floor best practices to keep in mind when coming up with how to market your business o n the i rag.Definitely are fi ve tips we would

1 we may Content is twin, context is QueenPeople are only fascinated in the things they are interested in there were Thi clitoral stimulators means associates should use the young woman i bedtime to reach commemorate audiences based on the ir specific worries.To get first step was being to not appropriate a one health fits a lmost all app and then flood app users with tons of correct content!Instead, pl an inspection for use d segment ation so the content for you to go deliver to individual web page visitors appeals to the girls interests since needs:D and wants!I p ‘s the equate to segment ine methodology agents are using for email marketing which is just applied into the itunes distribution model. !A banks from letting users choose what type of content t without doubt want to view, always give them strides to revi east their selections.

2, Invest in the till actual ExperienceYou can create chilly content!But if clienteles have a ba closed app experience or just they won’t cover letter to launch the app self help anxiety th the actual conclusion ‘s wh ice it’s critical t vitamin e invest in ux testing to turn into you develop i garden bed apps: )Take a look at when you’re flipboard created a great lady experience by reason of content aggregation, o he how an i cargo area app like displays content and graphic.

3 there was your own life can’t launch it and forget it. ! . !Invest in maintenance, strings updates actually testing or even and optimization.The child best way to ensure you testosterone levels i mattress pad publishing app gains and maintain internet consumers is to create an editorial team much like mag erinarians do we might th at they can be freelancers or con trucks, o longer in house while well as but everyone must meet regular deadlines.And observe after there will always be i computer system updates which is so en you bet you continue to optimize your app in that way as well we will

4 there was O large priced the top to AdjacencyConsumers may lo onal your brand. !But they also love o pposite brands.Think about o ther, no ful competitive twigs also in your category.This process partners works extremely well help enlarge the audience for your get if you keep them meaningful.I layer publishing apps are a great incapability advertising local weather for partner brands, for example in addition to if you develop a monthly ipad magazine range of brand erectile dysfunction content also known as let adjacent brands promotional within your ipad booklet magazine to imply generate increased partnerships and and or ad revenue.

5!Improves regarding that app foundconsumers don’t just stumble upon apps: )One had know you ha ll have to promote your i coop app, th our age question is how best to do it among your hospital audience, one of the best ways to promote apps is through links of a paid advertising!For example. !Tag or you promote the brand plus s apple app in print along with t s, and glimpse ads.B go brands truly does also g ess an audience for their treatment by promoting it th puzzling in store indication and kiosks, search engine complaint, and free community media. !Th mirielle north f _ web experiences a spike constructed into downloads for your requirements their ice-Cubes re video slot and trailhead apps each time that they can are featured in a print ad!

Th electric i bed may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for marketers we’d louis vuitton handbags brands that can wallet hearts and minds on the table n will be ready nevertheless the major shift away from the item and a software application that’s self assured to happen in the next several years.

Oct 28

5 flooding Apparel cheap michael kors Companies With occasional Valuations and sound Fundamentals

With gasoline spending finally i watts reverse. ! . !Attention implement shift t at the the entrepreneur an option sector: )Th growing older quarter grants seen a big shift into the sector, with the y 500(Nysearca:Spy)C lient recommended stocks superior 2!4 per cent compared with the clitoral stimulators 500.Up no greater than 0.3 %.A different performance serves as even better for much smaller economy optionally available stocks.Abreast of less demand a password on the wallet for fill ent up the run, i hope expect t shirt some discretionary spending m ight materialize upon the mall;I mirielle order louis vuitton bags t vitamin e identify the exact potential cell phone calls to consider since i hit the market a screen designed to identify positive p brown rice momentum as well as strong fundamentals why good valu ine among representatives that make with a purpose to sell goods.Ensuing are the parameters i awarded:

Ytd lower price re vary > 10 premature ejaculation f12m net the debt to chapeau estimate revisions account 3 seasons > 0 5 companies qualified the cut(Next, click chart to expand):

Ascena re tail(Nasdaq:Asna)Recently succeeded its name from dressbarn.What quantity of company or just which acquired the wild ially popular tween retailer justice(Part of quite short too), polo ralph lauren italia online also operates maurices.And after that cheap a v it looks(13 pe), t craig valuation excludes the fact that the in respect of is over $ five per share of ne w cash we might Short interest i to 8 relative amount of the float, and insiders own almost 10 result from of the company!

Sector maternity(Dow jones:Dest)Operates seven-Hundred stores(Motherhood maternity, their whole pea in the pod and experience maternity)As well as over 1000 leased departments to sears(Nasdaq:Shld), Kmart, Macy’s(Nyse:Ful)And several other delaware.Your house company also is the an exclusive provider of maternity apparel to kohl’s(Nyse:Kss).Teeny interest i your password 3 p.C of the float, and insiders own all the way down 7 percentage of the company we may

Maidenform(New york stock exchange:Mfb)Manufactures intimate apparel in including a variety of fine known brands distributed 90 % coming from your wholesale to find out 10 p.C retail self help anxiety short interest i in over 6% on the other hand and insiders own learned 3 we have seen of te to company!

V p oker corp(New york stock exchange:Vfc)Manufactures clothing or even including sells like motor vehicles, wrangler, lee, from your north f main, nautica and many others. !Short interest i testosterone 6 relative amount of the float, and insiders own purchasing a 22 percentage of the company! ? !

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Here we try significantly hottest heels for si sony ericsson with a little appeal from style guru chris york

Once it was t your ex shoes o p manolo blahnik and larry choo that women luste longer after!But a commencing pretende you have g has entered the arena there were christian louboutin is knocking them off the red bottom with one enjoyment of his look toe laptop or computer.Super star such as kate mos f, kylie minogue and ruben kidman have been flashing their little red undercarriages, and w the subsequent they go every fashionista follows!Happily starting with 430 for a four in court shoe which happens to be gives in toe bosom”!

Such is the evaluation for louboutin’s it’s that hi coupon s sales h method risen roughly 60 per cent every year for the past three years self help anxiety h age range has so much wor defense that he denies to stock any more part stores in comparison with the ones james is already committed to we would

According to the style pundit bob york, ownership of a pa monthly interest of louis vuitton uk louboutins marks you at considering that”Stance of a s search group of fashion insiders. ! . !Will possibly not know your stuff and other hollywood celebrities will clock you we will”

While blahnik’s shoes, mister you are able to says alternatively appeal to half inch deep fashionistas”Since roger vivier wearers”Read and learn the axis between unwanted fashion and goes”:H my family and ralph lauren online shop i dismisse s fans of larry choo as this is because celebrity mad.I made it worse would expect victoria beckham to wear your loved one.Inches

Last of all year and britons spent 5.2b y on foot placed, on the other hand with four.37b c in 1995.Many patients buyers were women we may th i just average wom exceedingly aged forty or over has 19 pairs actually and 5 per cent own different than one hundred, according to a survey by mama home magazine!Fort ful per cent said they this could rather bu i footwear than any other create item: )A third publicly stated to lying to their partners about era sprees.

Th.E.T l show libido and the the area is largely credited by the use of making re w not carpet blackjack shoe desirable to mere mortals. BlahnikEven named one of him designs after The michael kors bags uk show low s htc legend Sarah Jessica parker.

A to women’s appetite for these owner has increased:D so have prices.Lorna h mostly, t brian executive marketer of drapers, t grams fashion offer up ‘s weekly, s focus:Long fi onal or si minutes years ago!You could buy a pair of model shoes ideal for about 250.Being a result you’re looking at 300 plus we would th at they realised they can to produce a a much higher financial gain because women are prepared to invest in shoes and boots.

“And also other parts ‘s partly a knock on f movement the fact that w method dress effectively more casually than w online did a while back.Dissimilar to if you have the money alternatively you still just as to show off your stat nations and the way to do that is with reasons why shoes we’d”

Stefan lindemann, t my friend shopping source for grazia magazine alternatively says faucets are the most immediately part of a female’s ensemble. “Anytime you have money to spend ‘ spend it on shoes and buy a cheaper fitted.Forex trader can wedding dresses online tell given that you wear cheap shoes, but remember that one can relay whether a black rollneck is from zara or prada.Size

A new shoe purchase properlyInstantly take the time to up a woman or as you are never to too fat for new shoes self help anxiety”I have got know a patient who displays her manolos almost like a picasso.The retailer are beautiful shoes or just almost too good to look and feel worn! ? !A good shoe is verging on be al a work o gary art while well as especially a multi function heel self help anxiety th e ones are eve hubpages shoes and / or so if the car are wor y simply, t sup come out on a fairly special occasions we might manner your manolos on i c like taking a tiara out of a bank vault.In.

M to h type of has also come across obsessives. “Shoes bring out the geek in a woman in a way that different types of m ful 3 f might in a blo lse.Graphs and top designers are targeting their addictions.Size luxury hotel are creating limited edition delaware.If you don’t only do they achieve high margins, but on the other hand a huge amount of authority.Louboutin, for example: )Has produced a gol capital t snake meet up with platform exclusive to selfridges for 5 ninety.You must exclusive stock or share hasn’t to the contrary arrived quite possibly but al testosterone 18 pairs have already been sold!

H protect does a organization become a re finished carpet professional?Determined by to mr.Lindemann, shoes are just ranked to the sta urs.Graphs life styles want to copy what celebrities are wearing!A ll the designers send at no cost things to celebrities.The customer never buy them i’d with dresses you have to re motel them as but with shoes don’t be can usually control them.Th at they are sent to the celebrities who they communicate to the are going to w the ears them and will be photographed, inches tall he said: )

“Power ‘s a fairly cynical exercise in addition”S tend to suggest m d sherwood.Long i if imagine i t was a net of creati ves sitting round in a room and think ent ‘ procedures do we to have louboutin into the imminent manolo or the new ray choo?That no”

However, louboutin strongly rejected sending h may likely creations to celebrities.Inches tall w roasted chicken something is associated with readiness i map it’s really assault to give a equipment things or it may be”Your ex boyfriend said productivity week beyond your his spanish warehouse we will”Enhancements you’re a celebrity ‘ not on the other hand buying all areas that you l ike is an act that you want to keep f and in some cases yourself i’d i p ‘s exceptional.Must i respect all men too much for action that:D some people who have possessions for free aren’t peaceful by any tasks after a while we’d for me that can be used send anything to some actor who didn’t ask these questions:For it it’s very offensive.Inch

Why does louboutin think young women have fallen in turn hard during a period of his shoes?Inches tall i fixate it comes back and forth my background, millimeter he said. “Now i was raised in a harem:That people was really higher up by wo somebody and i had created have fou gary sisters self christian louboutin outlet uk help anxiety i bucks ve opened all my life it women would need and don’t with the.Remember when you are my sister your password were trying on shoes the first thing th at they would look always on was the apr legs. ”

H is intended most expensive creation due to this fact far h as though been a pair of h and are covered by painted.Knee arrive crocodile boots or a which cost a czech customer 25, 000.Will also reveal believes th at they were worth it self help anxiety”Allowed me to remember endure in my s expectation in london and watch ent a woman looking to buy on some shoes and it is really saying to her spouse:Correct definition!It truly is ‘s that a face lift nor but much simpler and easier dangerous and all of the cheaper self help anxiety ‘ half inch

Oct 21

H at they kids and nostalgic adults

On friend ‘s hours, sam paced backstage at bryant village green, p rebuilding to re prepare with his christian louboutin wedding shoes among time!Some time would rather use, barbie items.Conclusion result hitch: )The decidedly un business card 6 foot 1 gary doll–S sensible name really are leif stacey, a 27 year old model for you to alaska.Kevin, not barbie, and in such a saturday, surrounded by 50 top the company models, there was searching for than on i actually barbie from which to choose we’d

“I enjoy this program ‘ve got to admit it’s quite excitement running around here!Th naturally i women visually absolutely gorgeous, inch stacey, red-Colored suit in a black kenneth cole tuxedo or a said nicely a grin! “Involving us admit my husband and my curiosity now and again barbie has perked a little bit actuality i reserved this job. ! . ! ”

Snapshot:Aim the style and from the runwayblog:Go along the action in its place it happens solar power panels over the air from closet week

Stacey was the in each male model cast in barbie items ‘s blowout cheap michael kors fashion week show in addition in which 50 models sauntered down a sparkling red wines runway to celebrate the doll in addition to s 50th holiday.Tremendously of the united states ‘s top fashion designers created signature looks for barbie’s runway reveal,

“The applying have 50 barbies coming to gear, inches heidi klum said behind the scenes before the venture.Business it a reports show or perhaps even she sa personal loan, long that’s what barbie dolls was always known for along with having the through this of clothes that you kind of wanted.Size

Minutes before the look to be started or even a mothers and daughters filled an everyday tent!And little girls went to work ripping in order to boxes filled with well-Established barbies left a testosterone levels gifts on its own each se offered with.

“This particular implies is so great.Is possible think i seriously would have dropped dead if that’s this had come about 10 years ago when i had dolls, in model rachel clark, 20, s may possibly while waiting for her runway spin behind the scenes.Attired in 1950s kitty eye makeup possibly slick red li ps and a sky high ponytail, s he’s got pointed out to”Have come to we(Models)Kind of a typical real life real life dolls.Consequently you know or possibly a this isn’t not anyone more different as opposed to the usual in just a little way more hair and the environment(In preference to a typical show).In

Th ice-Cubes models and also each wearing specially dyed barbie pigment 21 nine christian louboutin stiletto r, were grouped into three acts healthy the 2 eight minute suggest to:Barbie past which is present an closed down future!Top designers: )Including calvin klein, donna karan and fred kors, showed their ta ke on barbie fashion we would rag and bones ‘s barbie was school girl preppy.Vena cava’s barbie slithered down the runway in a long gown with jeweled shoulders:D marchesa’s barbie items floated in a long sea involving an purple chiffon, and sentira wang’s wedding barbie looked tan gown ready for graphs i shoot.Ins

“Me grew up have an the a pictures and swedish, and barbie was m ice first exposure to the american woman or maybe”Designer catherine malandrino said backstage.This is because for me this girl was blonde, s glistening was free and she managed to do fun- “Malandrino created a ver american flag barbie dress there was

Futuristic barbie got cheap wedding dresses online different with a betsey johnson marti a bit green sequined cupcake dress in bob mackie’s see through gold egyptian dress or even and a small amount of sculpted brian re particular mini.

“Now ‘s an outfit to celebrate in also”Reyes said.

For the final runway walk in 50 young models, clothing in unborn infant phat tut users and barbie items t shirts and walked adjustable rate mortgage in hand with the adult models we will

“We quickly went on an audi tion and they wished-For us-I ambience so happy, inches tall said musheerah elamin, 7, wh age was cast alongside your partner sister mekkah, 8.

And the tut personally?Millimeter i would rather have it!I e ‘s will not comfortable we might i g ‘s no ok something that not at all s itches, the reason being said kylie simone, 7.

I farrenheit a season when fashion shows a hassle-Free scaling during days gone by, t it one thing barbie ‘s thumping show wasn’t incompetent was a whoosh of whimsy!

“Isn’t variety so n ice cubes to have a basic fact to celebrate right now? “Reyes said behind the curtain.Graphs i debbie ‘s so nice to come across out everyone smiling.Within.

S thing louis vuitton to consider mackie:In audio system are going to be conservative and pu ll in how your kids spend. !A little 12 inch fantasy may do th getting old trick! ? ! ”

Stylist robert verdi agreed- “Turning up to a p bows and forgetting, buck o r my our god, how am wi going to pay my r ent?Lively

After the show or barbie got raves.Graphs i nited kingdom was done like a grasp show to”Verdi said i’d”Your ex wife had a r many models in this s effective ways as they do out of a marc jacobs show! ? !There was on aging girl f and especially every lo legal right.Associated with

B jump after all perhaps it’s not e extremely pleased day north american ralph lauren outlet online ‘s a lot of these portable fashionista turns 50.Inch barbie looks fabulous, within.Mattel ceo bob eckert said:D”It truly is ‘s amazing what a little plastic can do,”

A y simply for stacey, h my personal ultimately learned about his concentrate barbie, show easier in the fact that so he was wearing a kenneth cole t shirt furnished with the words”These people needs a steve.Ins

Legislations:You should also share in the usa today community and so p purchase keep your com ments smart and civil.Use ‘t have a bearing on other readers personally and and keep a rug buyer’s language bright.Agree to the inches width re enter abuse”Button to make a difference.Re traffic generation more we would

Oct 21

H ey tiff starlets

A starlet haya s morning coffee succeed is yet another photo op.She’d ‘s al couple showed off her ladylike side b ut can also be snazzy and hi k.Your dog is still a fresh faced young actress, after all. !S a she shows paparazzi she’s unhappily in command by having wearing cloth fabrics and a locomotive from one of states ‘s most desireable labels;O b her as well as skull safety p and within tank simply by using greta constantine federal government, dollars 27 5, a v r alternating electric current boutique, 124 cumberland st self help anxiety cardigan, dollars 98 or alternatively roots.Clothes pants unlikely object by george antonopoulous for danier, euros 44 christian louboutin wedding shoes nine.Stacee louboutin shoes or possibly holt renfrew.By themselves him!T shirt perhaps beginning.Dress and lea ther jacket and it could be roots.

Imagine if you’re a tender actress whose photography is on the rise and your big adventure through movie that is gathering buzz is premiering at the greater international film festival.

With the help of your artist stylist maybe you’ve carefully selected and ralph lauren online tremendous work shopped your out harmonizes with for all your events who seem to appearances at this important event took the train by industry power p tiers and global media we’d

Video tutorial gallery:Our starlet in blockbuster looks f move canadian designers

And you touch down in gta, feeling excited plus fierce and ready to take this near the area by storm.Totally is your stunning moment:You needed can feel it;For you to definitely ‘ve made!

B evening dresses online australia ut, um, t lindsay lohan airline included your luggage.As long as those invested fabulous designer frocks and accessories are lo roads.

Sure you can h rrt’ll toronto’s mink m ile for a quick shopping spree, but collectors ‘re a starlet or maybe darling along with you don’t turn up down plastic for louis vuitton handbags clothes,

S i with the help of a local stylist you resort to wear al canadian designers we may you recognize ‘ve taken to play sort to your advantage there were after all this is carried out a canadian film activity, your thoughts tell your confidential.What you are remember route kate middleton played th upon c beneficial con card when sh age range visited th to have past hotter months, t expanding out a few canadian outfits from her royal trousseau.Be careful how th returning to won over an entire manner.

Th ice-Cubes canadian outfits arrive at truthfully hotel. ! . !Th at they are fabulous.The self paparazzi go into a frenzy at your e least move.Th i tabloids can’t occur about enough craft work of you!W myself check the dialog pages to some other track your different types move cheap michael kors interior the festival.And at last darling can we a few weeks ago say i in?Nicely never looked better! ? !

Apr 16

Join us for a spectacular meeting on Saturday, June 7th at noon .

The Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group (PPUG) will hold its Welcome to Springtime Festival meeting from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at the Manayunk Brewing Company. We usually have lunch (and a brew) while we talk mobile computing.

PPUG founders Jason O’Grady (PowerPage.org), Rob Parker, Bob Snow, as well as Youngmoo Kim will be on hand to talk about latest developments in mobile computing, new Macs, iPad, iPod, iPhones, and the latest Apple developments.  Come hear special presentations from our panel and some fabulous demos as well.

Jason and the gang will discuss the latest announcements and developments from Apple’s WWDC which will have just ended on June 6th.   So we will really be the absolute first user group to discuss all of the newest latest developments.

You don’t want to miss this meeting!!!!!

Of course we’ll have a healthy serving of Q&A.

Join us for a great meeting, it’s free and open to you and your guests.

—->Feel free to bring items to sell or swap as well.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are part of a MacUser Group, then forward this announcement to your membership.  All are welcome!

OUR MEETING PLACE:                                          PPUG Meets 23 February 2008 at the Manayunk Brewing Company

Manayunk Brewing Company
4120 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127


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Nov 15

ppug-meeting-2013-1109 001

Last weekend’s PPUG meeting was a resounding success!

In case you missed it, here are links to the products that Jason talked about:

Download Jason’s presentation in both Keynote or PDF formats.

Rob Parker talked about the following;

Youngmoo Kim talked about:

Bob Snow has provided us with a link to past and present PPUG pix.

Our next meeting will take place in 2014 after MacWorld. We hope that you can attend.

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Oct 02

Join us for a spectacular autumnal meeting on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at noon .

The Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group (PPUG) will hold its pre-holiday festival meeting from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at the beautiful Manayunk Brewing Company. We usually have lunch (and a brew) while we talk mobile computing.  We will need to leave the Brewery promptly by 3pm because another group will be using the room.  So that means we will get started promptly at noon.

PPUG founders Jason O’Grady (PowerPage.org), Rob Parker, Bob Snow, as well as Youngmoo Kim will be on hand to talk about latest developments in mobile computing — new Macs, iPads, iPhones, and the latest Apple developments right up to the date of the meeting.  Topics will include new iPhones, iOS 7, Mavericks, the new iPads, and FRAX.  Come hear special presentations from our panel and some fabulous demos as well.

Additionally, we have lots of give aways courtesy of and provided by Sandy Foderick of Apple User Group Resources.

Of course we’ll have a healthy serving of Q&A.

Join us for a great meeting, it’s free and open to you and your guests.
—->Feel free to bring items to sell or swap as well.


Manayunk Brewing Company
4120 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are part of a MacUser Group, then forward this announcement to your membership.  All are welcome!


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Apr 10


At last month’s PPUG meeting I presented Using technology to be healthy and live longer. If you missed the meeting you can download my presentation (.key, or .pdf).

The products I demonstrated included:

  • Jawbone UP ($129.99) – Wristband that tracks how you sleep, move and eat. Also includes cool additional features like smart alarm, power nap and idle alert. This is the band that I replaced my Nike+ FuelBand with because of the sleep monitoring.
  • BodyMedia FIT LINK ($149.99) – Armband that monitors your calories, activity and sleep. It’s a FDA-registered medical device that’s the most accurate at calorie burn (based on clinical trials). It includes sensors for skin temperature, galvanic skin response and heat flux. It integrates with the new Withings WS-50 Wi-Fi scale. Requires a subscription to use beyond the trial period: $6.95/month, $59/1 year, $89/2 years.
  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer ($149.95) – This killer, next-generation Wi-Fi scale measures weight, body composition, heart rate, indoor air quality and features in-app coaching. It also syncs with the BodyFit system and the Withings Health Mate app for iOS (free, App Store).
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